This article will probably appeal to those who are engaged in bookmaking. What does this type of activity entail? Betting. Betting on various sporting events. These can be events of different sports. I will now present to you an article on such a section of betting as basketball betting strategies.

If we look at basketball as a separate sport, we will see that there is an interesting system of scoring for different actions of players in the game. For example, if a player hits a basket from farther away, they receive three points and if free throws are made, the team receives one point. Competitions in the sport are held almost every day. And their level is different.

If you compare the betting on basketball and soccer, the former has a few peculiarities. In soccer, for example, often there is such an outcome of the match, such as a draw. In basketball, however, such an outcome is rare. But as far as strategies go, there are many, just like in other sports. And in this article I will try to tell you about some of them. Let’s begin.

Betting on basketball “even / odd”

If you are familiar with the strategy called “overtaking”, then the “even/odd” is very similar to it. Only in a more, so to speak, lightened form. What do you do when using this strategy? You need to predict the outcome of the quarter match by the number of points. That is, you need to predict whether it will be an even number or, conversely, an odd number. Experienced bettors have found that the latter occurs most often.

After you have determined the outcome – make a bet. First, in the first bet, the amount should not exceed six percent of the amount of your entire bank. It is better, of course, if it will be a bet with the lowest possible percentage. If the bet with your prediction turned out to be a loser in the first quarter, bet on the second with double the amount. If the same situation occurred in this quarter, repeat the action with doubling the bet in the third quarter.
You are unlikely to lose in all quarters, one or two must “shoot”. If you use this bet, choose the office with the most favorable odds. To do this, you can, simply by registering, monitor several sites for odds.

Overtaking by Foursquare

The most favorite strategy in my application. Its essence in this case is to double the bet amount in the previous loss. In basketball, the betting strategy “overtaking by quarters” is betting on a particular team of the match in a separate quarter, which is obviously not the favorite in this game. In case both teams have the same odds of winning, you should bet on the team that is the guest of the tournament. There is one condition that must be met – odds of at least 1.9.

Betting on the weakest team is advantageous in the fact that it will win in some half. It is not necessary to give in to this fact all the time, because there are exceptions absolutely everywhere and absolutely in any sport. Check everything beforehand, make an accurate statistical analysis of a sporting event. Since bets are placed online, meaning, while there is a live broadcast, you have time to observe.

Line betting strategy

A popular bet in a sport like basketball is the in-line betting strategy. Since the line shows all the information, including changes in odds in one direction or another, you will have no difficulty tracking these changes and, making a correct prediction, bet on a particular outcome. But, just as in the previous situation, do not put all your hopes on the movement of quotes. It may be unreliable even in the top bookmaker’s office. And the reasons for this can be very different: the office itself decides to make this move out of an inducement not to go broke on this strategy, different level of teams.
And I move on to a review of the next strategy.

B1 betting strategy

This strategy was developed by a certain Ayrat Dulles. Also involved in the development of this strategy was a company with the interesting name “I want a prediction”. This tandem has created a strategy whose essence is to bet on the total number of balls sent to the basket, and with the condition of the odds not exceeding 1.20-1.35. It should be noted that the betting is also by quarters. It would seem that everything is transparent. Let us consider one nuance – betting in Live mode. Keeping track of the situation regarding odds and other changes in the line, in this mode is much more convenient than catching a loss on a thoughtlessly placed bet in advance.

Three-point shots betting strategy

I wouldn’t say that this bet is in the top category. Not at all, but nevertheless, it has a place in the line of most bookmakers’ offices. In this strategy, you do not need to pay attention to what place the team occupies among the other teams.

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